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We offer Yoga Alliance Hula Hoop Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats,Private classes, Performances, Fire hula hooping, hula hoops for sale and hula hoop wears from Dixie Honey's Designs.
Infusing the freedom of hooping with the discipline of yoga into a complete and balanced workout for your mind, body and soul.
Our series will traverse through yoga movements that align with basic to advanced moves, as you spin one to four hoops. Develop the skills of spinning multiple hoops with control, both on and off your body. Push past blocks and build physical and mental strength, while improving your coordination, timing and concentration.
Build the skills that will take you to a professional level as a performer or just take your hooping skills to a whole new level. Our unique hula hoops create a completely different style of hooping! We invite you to come join us and experience what has changed our lives forever. Check us out 

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