Collection: Philippe Matignon

Philippe Matignon, an international leader in luxury hosiery, represents a commitment to quality and design. Philippe Matignon's unique aesthetic and extensive collection offers the stylish woman a variety of feminine tights, sheers, and opaque's in a range of colours and textures.
Launched in the early 80's by Golden Lady Company, the strategy behind Philippe Matignon was to create a product that stands apart from other brands by incorporating technology that was not readily available in the market. Philippe Matignon is a completely vertically integrated company producing hosiery in the most advanced facilities from start to finish. The collection is made using 3D Lycra, a process that covers each hosiery fibre with twice as many Lycra fibres as most hosiery brands, ensuring the best possible fit and comfort. Silicone is applied to the most popular thigh high styles in order to perfectly adhere to the leg.
Built on Italian heritage, Philippe Matignon is designed in Italy and produced in Europe.